The practice of yoga in children and teens has a profound impact on both their physical and emotional state of being.  In addition to serving their physical health and reducing stress, yoga inspires optimism, a strong sense of self and creativity and assists in developing discipline.  



Yoga is a powerful tool when working with children who have special needs.  As a vehicle for both physical and emotional connection, yoga helps to create safety, develops motor skills and increases confidence and social skills.  You can read about Cindy’s experience with yoga and her own daughter as well as how to introduce your child to the practice, here [link to the touching and informative article that you wrote].

Yoga sessions are facilitated in the homes of Cindy's clients and can be purchased individually or in a five-class package.  Contact Cindy for more information and scheduling.


Join Cindy as she leads classes at Down Under ​School of Yoga in Newton, MA.  As part of the Boston School for Prenatal and Children's Yoga, Cindy teaches classes for both children and teens.