Working with a parent coach gives parents the chance to be heard, to clarify what’s important to them and to make conscious decisions about how they want to parent. It allows parents the opportunity to step back from the day-to-day struggles of parenting and instead, refocus on the ways they always hoped they would parent.  


In working with a coach, parents work to both clarify their own values and understand their child and the child’s behavior. Throughout the coaching process, parents discover, practice and adopt new perspectives and tools that allow them to parent consciously and from their core — a place that is centered and authentically based on their values and beliefs.  Some of Cindy’s specific areas of expertise, include work with parents of children with special needs and parents seeking to regulate screen time.



The moment a child enters our lives, our world is forever changed. We begin placing expectations and visualizing our life with a child long before they even enter the world. When something unexpected happens to our child either before or during birth, or some point during their childhood, dreams, visions, and expectations are shattered.  As parents of children with special needs, we carry a chronic sense of responsibility that doesn’t always lessen over time. Whether the special needs are physical, emotional or developmental, we can find ourselves feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Taking care of ourselves as parents is challenging and when parenting a child with special needs that becomes twice as challenging and twice as important!


Cindy’s work with parents of children with special needs focuses on a variety of issues including those that arise when parenting more than one child in the family, the complexity of sibling relationships, and ways for parents to care for themselves so that they can be the parent they need to be for their children.



Almost every home in America with children under the age of eight use mobile devices in addition to televisions and personal computers.  While technology can serve us, over exposure to screens in children can have a negative impact on cognitive and emotional development. It can also delay language development in toddlers and impair social skills.  Cindy works with parents, teaching them how to empower their children’s decision making around screen time, giving children autonomy and the power to make good decisions for themselves.



When coaching with Cindy, you will have her with you shoulder to shoulder for three months on average. Coaching can be helpful for one or two parents, step-parents and grandparents, as well.  Sessions are typically one hour in length and are conducted weekly or bi-weekly, in person, over the phone or via Skype so you can get the support you need from wherever you might be.